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Greetings and welcome to my website. It's designed to make it simple for you to learn about the profound benefits for your health, well-being and joy that pure, therapeutic grade essential oils and related products make possible. AND - to make it simple for you to place orders as well.

Addressing emotional patterns, releasing trapped emotions and transforming limiting beliefs are my specialty. The body's hidden messages hold the key - and can be deciphered through Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing).  Essential oils have an especially beneficial contribution to make to this process.  My role as a licensed therapist (LCSW) with a holistic orientation makes the inclusion of therapeutic essential oils a natural match.


Advances in understanding of the brain and its functioning are making a new access to emotional freedom possible.

Dis-ease is often rooted in distressing emotional experiences. These experiences are stored in our bodies until a future date when we are better equipped to address them. Headquarters for our emotional 'filing system' is the AMYGDALA, the fight/flight part of the limbic brain. It is pre-verbal and responds only to the sense of SMELL.

There are several ways to distinguish where emotion has been stored, including physical pain and conscious awareness of our emotions. Especially intriguing is the use of Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) to learn where our bodies are storing emotion at a level below consciousness. A comprehensive manual, "Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils" by Carolyn Mein, DC guides us to the aromatic, therapeutic grade essential oil with just the right frequency to make desired shifts. Protocols involving contrasting emotion and empowering new thoughts, offered in an emotionally safe environment, help establish a new reality. It is a gratifying experience on all counts.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please be in touch, by phone, text, e-mail or the handy CONTACT ME link above and below.

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